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Dear Friend,

Please let me share with you a short story:
Last Thursday I went to a local retirement center to visit the lonely 2 Jews that reside there. Let me introduce you to Marty. Marty, who is 99  years old, was so happy to see me and thanked me for coming. When I asked him how come he is so excited, he responded by letting me know, that he has no regular visitors other than his small family.   He went on to tell me how, when he was younger he was very involved in Jewish life, but today, just days before Chanukah he really feels that void in his life. I promised him that I will be there regularly, and for Chanukah arranged that the senior center will hold a Chanukah Menorah lighting each night.

Marty's  visit was not unique, these Jewish moments happen on an almost daily basis. Let it be my visit with Marty, or my encounter with Sam as he celebrated with tears in his eyes putting on tefillin for the first time at the age of 54,  Let it be the giggles of a baby at JBabies, or the joy of a child she enjoys Hebrew School. Be it helping a teenager navigate the challenges of life, or an adult being opened to Jewish teachings that they never knew existed, the list goes on… We endeavor to provide a Jewish connection  for everyone, regardless of their affiliation or level of observance, with pure love and dedication.

I turn to you today to partner with us in putting smiles on as many Jewish faces as we can. I know that you believe in building a brighter, beautiful Jewish Future for all Jews in our community.  Please click here to make a difference today!

With best wishes for a very happy Chanukah,

Rabbi Yisroel Kotlarsky

P.S. Chabad receives no financial backing from Chabad World or Regional headquarters. We do not charge membership a nd are entirely localy funded. Every cent is raised here and it all stays here. This will be your best investment where every cent of the dollar goes straight back into our community. 

 P.P.S. If you are leaving town and would like a free Menorah kit to take along with you please let me know

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